Edmonton Notary Public & Commissioner for Oaths

Appointment Required. 

Phone      780-756-0084
Fax           1-866-869-1179
Address   218, 10113-104 Street NW  Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1A1

What is a Certified Copy of a Document?

A certified copy of a document is a photocopy of a document that is verified by a Notary Public to be an accurate copy of the original document.

If you need a certified copy of a document, you need to:

1. Bring the original document and a photocopy to my office.

2. I will compare the photocopy and the original document and mark the photocopy with the following statement:

“I certify this to be a true copy of the original document now shown to me this ___ day of ____, 20__ at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.”

 * Certified Copies or Notarized Copies of Documents $40 – 2 copies

– original documents are required in order to obtain a certified or notarized copy

– you must provide your own photocopy

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